• Standard SC-Cut Crystals

    Quantic Croven Crystals Cold Weld Banner Image
    Quantic Croven Crystals Cold Weld Banner Image

    Quantic Croven is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of SC-cut crystals for use in ovenized oscillators. Our portfolio contains more than 2,000 different SC-cut designs in the frequency range of 4 to 250 MHz. A selection of our standard SC-cut offerings are listed below. Please contact us to request a unique SC-cut crystal.

    Part NumberFrequency (MHz)Calibration Tolerance
    (ppm @ turn over temp)
    Turn Over Temp (°C)Load Capacitance (pF)OvertoneHolderTypical Motional Capacitance (fF)Maximum Resistance (ohms)Aging (ppb/year after 30 days)
    CC31730-55± 1.590-100203rdHC-370.1317520
    CC3174-55± 1.580-90203rdHC-370.1317520
    CC4018-55± 1.580-90203rdHC-400.1314010
    CC3169-1010± 1.580-95223rdHC-370.1610030
    CC3175-1010± 1.590-102203rdHC-370.188030
    CC4019-1010± 1.575-85203rdHC-400.188030
    CC506210± 280-90203rdHC-430.1710050
    CC5087-1010± 292-105203rdHC-430.1810050
    CC6064-1010± 380-9517FundHC-451.8040200
    CC507110.23± 380-95203rdHC-430.1610050
    CC1349-2020± 290-102203rdHC-35 LPS0.1780100
    CC1352-25.6 LPS25.6± 390-102203rdHC-35 LPS0.4440100
    CC5099-4040± 490-104Series3rdHC-430.4050100
    CC6045-4040± 594-104203rdHC-450.4150100
    CC1039-5050± 580-90Series3rdHC-350.3860200
    CC1277-50 LPS50± 495-105205thHC-35 LPS0.2180100
    CC1331-50 LPS50± 490-104Series3rdHC-35 LPS0.3850100
    CC5100-5050± 490-104Series3rdHC-430.4050100
    CC6066-5050± 490-104203rdHC-450.4450100
    CC1144-LP60± 580-95Series3rdHC-35 LP0.3450100
    CC1233-6060± 380-90203rdHC-350.3460100
    CC1280-6060± 385-95Series5thHC-350.1511080
    CC1162-80 LP80± 490-100Series5thHC-35 LP0.1790100
    CC1184-80 LPS80± 485-95Series5thHC-35 LPS0.1790100
    CC1277-80 LPS80± 495-105Series5thHC-35 LPS0.19100100
    CC9012-8080± 480-95Series3rdSM10.35100300
    CC1352-9090± 480-95Series5thHC-350.1695100
    CC9013-9090± 480-95Series5thSM10.15100300
    CC1037-LP91.858± 480-95Series5thHC-35 LP0.16110100
    CC1075100± 580-95Series5thHC-35 LP0.17100100
    CC1200-100 LPS100-7/385-95Series5thHC-35 LPS0.15100100
    CC1253-100100± 480-95Series5thHC-350.15100100
    CC1284-100 LPS100± 592-106Series5thHC-35 LPS0.17110100
    CC1319-100100-2/490-103Series5thHC-35 LPS0.1990100
    CC6008100± 580-90Series5thHC-450.15110250
    CC6062-100100± 592-106Series5thHC-450.17110200
    CC9007100± 580-95Series5thSM10.15100300
    CC1250-102.4 LP102.4± 585-95Series5thHC-35 LP0.15110100
    CC1043120± 580-95Series5thHC-350.15100120
    CC1163-120 LP120± 590-100Series5thHC-35 LP0.19100120
    CC1183-120 LPS120± 585-95Series5thHC-35 LPS0.15110120
    CC1284-120 LPS120± 592-106Series5thHC-35 LPS0.18100100
    CC6023120± 592-106Series5thHC-450.18100100
    CC9014-120120± 580-95Series5thSM10.16100300

    Additional Information:

    SC-cut means “stress compensated” and these types of crystals are particularly useful for high-precision applications which require low sensitivity to mechanical and thermal stresses.

    SC-cut crystals offer superior performance for many parameters over the more common AT-cut crystals including:
    – Significantly lower thermal frequency overshoot during warm-up resulting in shorter time period to reach maximum oscillator stability.
    – Lower sensitivity to mechanical strain resulting in improved long-term aging and reduced g-sensitivity.
    – Higher resonator Q capable of achieving better close in phase noise.
    – Reduced sensitivity to drive level and capability to operate at higher power levels which allows oscillator designers greater flexibility and improved oscillator noise floors.

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