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    Our blogs expand your quartz crystal resonator knowledge for mission-critical frequency control and timing applications.

    Comparing Cold and Resistance Weld Sealed Resonators

    Crystal resonators are vital components in frequency control and timing applications, ranging from consumer electronics like smartphones and laptops to industrial equipment and military applications. The method used to seal these resonators can significantly impact their performance and reliability. Two common sealing techniques are cold weld sealing and resistance weld sealing. In this short blog post, we compare the differences between these two methods and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

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    Understanding MIL-PRF-3098 and Qualified Parts List Quartz Crystal Resonators

    Quartz crystal resonators play an important role in ensuring the precision and stability of frequency control and timing devices, like oscillators. Among the many standards that govern these components, MIL-PRF-3098 is as a key specification that defines the requirements for quartz crystal resonators used in high-reliability and military applications. In this blog, we give an overview of MIL-PRF-3098 and explain the importance of Qualified Parts List (QPL) quartz crystal resonators in military radio frequency and microwave systems.