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    Drawing on a rich heritage in the design and manufacturing of precision AT, FC, IT and SC-cut crystal resonators stretching over 50 years – Quantic Croven is today pushing the technological boundaries to help bring a new set of advanced capabilities for high-reliability energy, oil and gas applications.

    Quantic Croven Crystals | Energy Website Banner Graphic 2
    Quantic Croven Crystals | Energy Website Banner Graphic 2

    Energy Applications:

    • Downhole drilling
    • Oil and gas exploration and perforation
    • Geothermal energy and other industrial applications

    Crystal Resonator Solutions:

    • AT, FC, IT and SC-cut options
    • Available from 1 to 300 MHz
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    Why Partner with Quantic Croven for your Energy Application?

    At Quantic Croven we know that your mission-critical program needs are financially and strategically important to your organization, and we take the responsibility to help you achieve your goals very seriously.

    Our crystal resonators help our customers:

    • Achieve the lowest possible phase noise.
    • Operate reliably in high-shock and vibration environments.
    • Attain extremely low long-term aging.
    • Significantly reduce g-sensitivity.
    • Realize excellent frequency-temperature stability.

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