• Press Release: Quantic Croven Celebrates 70 Years of Innovation in Precision Quartz Crystal Resonators

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    Whitby, ON.— June 11th, 2024—Quantic Croven (Croven Crystals), an industry leader in quartz crystal resonators for frequency control and timing applications, proudly celebrates 70 years of innovation and exceptional service to the RF and microwave industry. Since its founding, the company has continually pushed boundaries in quartz crystal resonator technology, supporting a wide array of mission-critical defense and space applications.

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    Pictured: Quantic Croven team in Whitby, Ontario.

    “We are thrilled to celebrate this important milestone in our history,” said Luke Mueller, Managing Director at Quantic Croven. “As our entire team reflects on our rich 70-year history, we look forward to a future defined by continued innovation and close collaboration with our customers.”

    “This milestone is a reflection of the trust and confidence that Quantic Croven’s customers have placed in them,” said Ross Sealfon, Chief Executive Officer, Quantic Electronics. “Seven decades of perseverance, innovation, and unwavering commitment have brought Croven to this point, and it’s this heritage that has Croven well-positioned for continued success as part of the Quantic Electronics family.”

    The company was originally founded in 1954 as W. Gary-Wright Electronics to assemble quartz crystal resonator products for various Canadian defense applications. It later changed its name to “Croven Ltd.” to reflect its focus on crystal oven products. In 1959, the company established the Ovenaire subsidiary, specializing in precision ovens and oscillators. Expanding further in 1963 with the Filtaire division for crystal filter products, Croven Ltd. grew significantly and was acquired in 1967 by Walter Kidde & Co., which led to further expansion of its Whitby facility. By 1979, Croven Ltd. had shifted exclusively to designing precision quartz crystal resonators and became Croven Crystals Ltd. In 2021, the company joined Quantic Electronics, known for mission-critical RF & microwave, power, magnetics, and sensing technologies, marking a new chapter in its history of success.

    About Quantic Croven
    We are widely recognized as the premier manufacturer of precision quartz crystal resonators for the most demanding frequency control and timing applications. Worldwide manufacturers of state-of-the-art communications gear, radar systems, test and measurement equipment and other advanced electronics products choose our precision quartz crystal resonators to develop products with ultra-low phase noise, low aging, and low g-sensitivity behavior. And as a Quantic company, we’re part of an extended engineering ecosystem and powerful supply chain, defining a competitive advantage that extends to every customer.  

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